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Welcome in my website!

I am @f, an Italian boy with the passion of technology: as a matter of fact I study Information Technology at the University of Trento.
As you can understand from the name of my website, my biggest interest in Computer Science is multimediality: I like to photoshop the photos I take, to edit small videos with them, to create this website, but also to listen to music or to play it.. I created this website in order to merge all my passions together and to share them with everybody.
You may wonder which softwares hide behind my works.. I use Gimp – a free, open source and multi-platform alternative to Photoshop – to edit my photos, Hugin – a free, open source and multi-platform program – to stitch panoramic photos, and Magix PhotoStory on CD & DVD to edit videos and burn DVDs. Now I describe very shortly the features of my photos and videos that you can find in the site:


I live in Trentino, a beautiful region in northern Italy with amazing mountain landscapes: therefore I got used to take my digital camera with me every time I go out and then take photos to the subliming landscapes that Nature offers us.
I always try to photography panoramas with strong colors or from unusual points of view to provide an alternative vision of what everyone can see in every moment.
Although I prefer to take photos to Nature, I also like to take photos to city landscapes, in particular to suggestive buildings or monuments.


During holidays I never leave my camera at home, and I always collect hundreds of photos: if I showed them all to my friends, they would obviously get bored. That’s why I began to produce short videos with the best photos I took..
Although my videos last 5-10 minutes each, it takes me more than one hour per minute to edit them: I check them frame by frame after having fixed and filtered the photos and mixed the soundtracks: I want them to be quite perfect..
I think that the soundtrack of a video is as important as the pictures: maybe because it’s a song which was popular during that holiday and it will always remind the viewers of that period, or because its lyrics mirror what that period meant for me, or just because it transmits particular emotions.. The soundtrack of my videos is never composed of random songs, and the appreciation of my videos among my friends shows that I guessed it!

I hope you’ll like my photos and videos, because it’d mean that I’ve achieved the main purpose of this site..
Any comments, suggestions or complaints that will help refining my site or my photos/videos are very appreciated: you can easily leave a message in the site’s guestbook and I will read it soon!

Thank you very much for visiting..




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Last 5 relevant updates:

1st Feb 2015: NEW PHOTO ALBUM VIEWER released! Initial albums: Berlin, Torino, Trentino.

6th Dec 2014: added VIDEO Brighton!

25th Oct 2014: added VIDEO Potsdam!

23rd Mar 2014: added album Copenhagen with 70 photos and 1 panoramic photo!

25th Sep 2013: added albums Isola d'Elba with 85 photos and 2 panoramic photos, Genova & Cinque Terre with 55 photos and 1 panoramic photo, Jesolo with 21 photos


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