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Best Malta’s spring landscapes

Memory is a powerful way of men to live again emotions closed in their heart, also a long time after a particular experience.
As Bergson thought, memory is not a faculty of human beeings: people cannot decide to remember something, memories come spontaneously. In our lives, however, everybody can realize that there’s always something that reminds us about some feelings which date back to the past. These are what James Joyce defined “epiphanies”; a clear example of what an epiphany is, can be found in Proust’s “In search of lost time”: the madeline reminds the protagonist of his childhood, when he used to eat this cookie, and on which he had never thought again.
This is the main aim of my videos: most of them contain pictures of the best holidays I have ever had. I love taking photos and editing videos, in order to share my memories with all the people who shared with me particular emotions. Also the soundtrack plays an important rule: maybe because it’s a song which I heard for the first time during that holiday; sometimes its lyrics mirror what that period meant for me; I give a lot of importance also to the music, which can transmit particular emotions… Sometimes my friends tell me my videos make them cry, some other videos make them laugh…
It’s important to underline that people can therefore judge my videos only if they have something to deal with them!
You can see between my videos, that I uploaded another video about my schooltrip to Malta; this two videos are quite different.. the first one is for my schoolmates, to remind them of our parties and trips; the purpose of this one is to remind me of the beautiful landscapes of Malta (taking photos to nature is the thing I love the most). The soundtrack is “Daysleeper”, by R.E.M. and it’s not casual. First of all, the slow, nearly sad melody fits with the rainy days I had; on the other hand R.E.M. is a group which I began to love during that period!
You may notice that the colours of some photos are not real, too strong: this is to bring colour and more emotions (like expressionists did). I don’t care if the photos shine unreal, I like them anyway…
I just hope that you at least love the photos I took, because you can’t understand and you don’t know what this video means to me.

Photographer, video director and editor,


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